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27-01-2020Enhancement of PTR capacity from 1x31.5MVA + 1x50MVA to 2x50MVA at 132/33 KV Sub-Station, Tenali (Capital Work).20-02-2020SE/TLC/Vijayawada View
15-02-2020 Providing of hired utility vehicle for official utilization of the Deputy Executive Engineer/ALDC/C.K. pally for the period from 01-02-2020 to 31-05-2020.22-02-2020SE-TL&SS-Kadapa View
24-01-2020Supply and fixing of 13 sets of anti-climbing devices at different railway locations in various EHT Lines under jurisdiction of EHT Lines&SS Sub-division, Piduguralla24-02-2020DE-O&M-Narasaraopet View
25-01-2020Stringing of new 7/3.15 HTGS Earthwire in the entire reach already removed damaged Earthwire in between various Locations i.e Loc.No.111 & 117, Loc No.153 & 161, Loc No.184&191, Loc.No.201&207 of 220KV VTPS-Rentachintala-Tallapalli DC Line under shutdown condition.24-02-2020DE-O&M-Narasaraopet View
14-02-2020Erection of 33KV Bus sectionaliser breaker between 33KV Bus section- 3 & 4 at 132KV SS Guntur 24-02-2020SE/TLC/Vijayawada View
19-02-2020Providing of A/C Diesel Car on hire basis for official utilization of the Chief Engineer/Kadapa Zone/APTRASNCO/Kadapa for the period from 01-03-2020 to 31-03-2020. 26-02-2020CE, Kadapa Zone View
30-01-2020Fixing of Number plates ,Circuit identification plates, Danger boards and Anti-climbing devices in various 220KV EHT lines in Lines Sub-Division, Nellore in SPSR Nellore District28-02-2020SE-TL&SS-Nellore View
17-02-2020Replacement of damaged OPGW cable from Loc.No.390 to 393 on 400kvss Sattenapally – Srisailam Ckt-II by stringing of 24F OPGW cable, splicing and fixing of hardware accessories between Loc.No.390 to 393 on 400kvss Sattenapally – Srisailam Ckt-II and also making suitable arrangement for fixing of tension clamps at Loc.No.393(Suspension tower) including dismantling of existing 12F OPGW cable and bringing down of OPGW splice box at Loc.No.390 in Telecom division, Guntur.29-02-2020SE-Telecom-Vijayawada View
31-01-2020Erection of Additional 132/33KV 31.5 MVA Power Transformer at 132/33KV Sub-Station NV Gardens in S.P.S.R Nellore district03-03-2020SE-TL&SS-Nellore View
01-02-2020Providing of earth pits in switch yard at 220KV Sub-station Sullurpeta in S.P.S.R Nellore Dist03-03-2020SE-TL&SS-Nellore View